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Gazette 102

OXFORD 26-29 August 2011

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The Mitre  
The C17th CE coaching inn The Mitre where Oscar Wilde, who hadn't bothered to check the Final Examination results,
discovered he had been awarded a first in Greats by Magdalene College by reading it in The Times over breakfast

Pub interior  interior of The Bear
The rear bar at The Bear* one of Oxford's oldest pubs with its collection of snippets of decorative ties given by customers
from the 1950s onwards in exchange for a glass of beer, a custom no longer in operation...

Sheila   Turf tavern
Sheltering from the rain in the Turf Tavern*

Old building  King's Arms
View down Catte Street towards the Radclyffe Camera* (left) / The King's Arms* (right)

Old building  Wether vane
 Building at the end of Catte Street with gilded canopied elephant weather vane

White Horse   Old building
The White Horse* (left) / College on High Street

Derek relaxing before cocktail time & dinner

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2011