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Gazette 104

INDIA 6-16 October 2011

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  Bumpy road in Assam
Sheila fortifying herself with a glass of bubbly in Delhi the day before we flew north to Guwahati /
Bumpy unmade roads in Assam en route to Arunachal Pradesh

Elephant  Bhalakpung
Close encounter with an elephant /
Bhalukpong checkpoint on Arunachal Pradesh border where permits are checked & entry registered

Sheila & car  Jungle
Sheila with our vehicle in Bhalukpong / Junglescape

Guide & Derek  Lunch
Our guide Kapai with Derek at our first luxurious lunch stop

Derek & Sheila  Sheila & guide
A brief break after lunch / Sheila & Kapai on roadside

Valley  Derek
Road burrowed into mountainside / Derek at 9000+ ft

Sheila at Se La   Derek at Se La
Sheila & Derek at 13700 ft Se La (pass)

Sheila at Se Tsco   Sheila
Sheila looking over Se Tso (lake) & enjoying a cold beer near a hot woodburning stove at the pass summit

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2011