Spent Brothers Productions
Gazette 66

LA ROCHELLE at Easter 2009

Thursday 9 April: View from our nice room at the Hôtel de la Monnaie / La Rochelle harbour

Wooden boat heading out on the channel to the sea / The famous harbour towers

Enjoying an afternoon glass of wine on the harbour wall


Good Friday 10 April: The harbour from a quayside bar on a damp afternoon /  
We met up with cousin Jackie & her husband Geoffrey. Jackie & Derek hadn't seen each other in 60 years

Their previous photograph together (L-R Derek, his uncle Harry Henderson, Ross & Jackie Skingley, Alan Henderson 1946) /
Derek & Jackie at the end of a nice meal at A Côté de Chez Fred seafood restaurant

Saturday 11 April: Sheila ordering our breakfast in a local pâtisserie / Lunch outside a small restaurant near the street market

Easter Sunday 12 April: The Arts & Crafts market on the quayside / La Rochelle has many fine old buildings

Right: an impressive display of tinned sardines

A last stroll around the harbour courtyard / A glass of champagne before a splendid lunch at La Petite Auberge

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2009