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Gazette 77

INDIA - In The Footsteps Of The Buddha 17-31 October 2009

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NB Full details of the trip itinerary are embedded in the photopages here

Sunday 18 October New Delhi Railway Station & the train to Gaya Junction

Delhi railway station  
Railway station
Sheila & our Bhutanese friend Karma leaving bags from the Cloak Room at New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi Railway Station   Sheila having lunch
The railway station ticket counters / Sheila enjoys the "Special Meal" in a small local restaurant

Derek   Sheila & Karma
After a good dinner (& a few drinks) on the train

Monday 19th October Bodhgaya

Wild boar  Momos
Wild boar in the countryside near Bodhgaya / Our first meal of Tibetan momos (steamed or fried stuffed dumplings)

Mahabodhi temple   Derek at temple
Mahabodhi temple - built on the spot where the Buddha attained elightenment
whilst meditating under the Bodhi Tree (at the rear of the temple)

Karma & Sheila  Gecko
Gecko on hotel bathroom ceiling (right)

Gin in the garden  Bodhgaya temple at night
Derek & Karma enjoy a DIY sundowner in hotel garden / Lights over the Thai temple

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2009